Boy Mom Megan Dean

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We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting boy mom Megan Dean.  Megan works as an executive administrative assistant at Ahern and balances career and motherhood with skill and grace.

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Boy Mom Megan Dean

Megan Dean grew up in the country near St. Cloud, Wisconsin.  Her amazing work ethic is apparent and shines through in all aspects of her life.  At St. Norbert College, for example, she dedicated herself to her coursework and finished her degree early.  At Ahern, Megan works as executive administrative assistant for Jim Jarvis.  She enjoys tackling challenges and adapting to new situations.  Megan makes up her mind and then works towards achieving her goals.  Immediately after college, this included paying off her student loans.  More recently, Megan achieved her dream of building a new home.

Megan leads with humility and attentiveness.  She does not seek the spotlight and always thinks of the needs of others.  In this current phase of her life, she is very busy raising three young boys.  Megan is laser-focused on being fully present with them.  She looks forward to each milestone, such as her youngest son's first steps.  As a boy-mom, she is in an expert on dirt bikes and monster trucks.  To unwind and recharge, Megan enjoys being outside and getting together with friends.  Family is very important to Megan, being close not only with her twin sister but also with her extended family.  She also enjoys playing volleyball and golfing when she can.

Megan pays close attention to those around her and seeks to learn from them.  She is inspired by other women who shine in different parts of life.  For example, Megan admires other mothers and female entrepreneurs.  Herself a role model to other women, Megan handles the balancing act of career and motherhood with skill and grace.  Megan is excited about her future, following her own passions, and reaching new goals.  She hopes that we will re-discover values such as respect and integrity.  Megan recommends being confident in oneself and taking chances.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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