John Paul DeJoria At Kentucky Derby

By laura / May 8, 2019 /

Prepare yourself to capture moments like this at the Kentucky Derby. I captured this photograph of John Paul DeJoria and his wife, Eloise Broady DeJoria at the Derby in 2011. There’s no better place to people watch, than the infield of Churchill Downs. John Paul DeJoria quotes continue to inspire me. “The biggest hurdle is…

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New York Street Photography Project

By laura / April 29, 2019 /

This New York street photography project was started in 2001. Thinking it was complete for ALL these years, finally I realize it’s ongoing.  The project isn’t complete, it may never be.  But this is what I have SO far.  Through the streets of New York, I capture life as I see it through my lens.…

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100 Day Project Complete

By laura / October 6, 2018 /

I DID IT! The 100 Day Project | 100 Blog Posts In 100 Days Just like I mentioned at the end of each post, there was times of triumph and times of struggle.  I showed up through it all, each and every day.  It wasn’t easy.  But once I set my mind to something, I follow…

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Optimism Produces Positive Results

By laura / October 5, 2018 /

It’s all in the perspective, optimism is key. Almost always, my glass is half full.  It’s nearly impossible to be happy and positive ALL the time, but I try my best.  During this trying season of life, I turn to gratitude to get me through my days.  I’m grateful for the chaos that is life.…

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Fine Art Definition Becomes Abstract

By laura / October 4, 2018 /

This is the definition of art, according to the dictionary: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power works produced by human creative skill and imagination creative activity resulting in the production…

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Children Change Perspective

By laura / October 3, 2018 /

Children change perspective, whether it’s planned or not. Looking back just eight years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself as a mother. Life changes when you least expect it and children change perspective.  Children provide more wisdom, spirit and creativity than I thought possible.  I strive to remain present for them.  More of this story coming…

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Vintage Photography Inspires Fine Art

By laura / October 2, 2018 /

Nothing beats the nostalgia of vintage photography albums. Especially when they’re created by loved ones.  While admiring my grandmother’s vintage photography, I can’t help but wonder if my passion for art came from her.  More of this story coming soon… I invite you along on this journey of 100 Blog Posts in 100 Days There…

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Devil’s Lake State Park Film Photography

By laura / September 30, 2018 /

Adventures of Devil’s Lake State Park change over the years. Most of our time is spent at the beach and nature center.  More of this Devil’s Lake story coming soon… I invite you along on this journey of 100 Blog Posts in 100 Days There will be times of triumph and times of struggle, but…

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Tennessee Fine Art Film Photography

By laura / September 29, 2018 /

This Tennessee road trip brings back memories. After ALL these years, my fine art remains consistent.  Something I finally discovered after committing to The 100 Day Project.  More of this Tennessee fine art photography coming soon… I invite you along on this journey of 100 Blog Posts in 100 Days There will be times of…

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Independence Pass Colorado

By laura / September 27, 2018 /

With shorts and a knit cap, I exit the car to explore Independence Pass. At 12,095 feet, my lungs aren’t used to this altitude.  The highest point in Wisconsin is a mere 1,951 feet. The fog quickly rolls in.  Independence Pass offers an overwhelming sense of peace .  More of this story to come soon… I…

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