MBA Graduate Amy Provost

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We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting MBA graduate Amy Provost.  Amy works as an operations manager at Ahern's Fond du Lac office .

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MBA Graduate Amy Provost

Amy Provost grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where she still lives today.  She is an operations manager working at Ahern's Fond du Lac office.  Amy likes the fast-paced environment and prides herself in leading Ahern's efforts to greater process efficiency.  After working in the restaurant industry for many years, Amy's service skills are legendary.  The source of Amy's joy and pride are her two boys and her three rescue dogs.  She loves doughnuts and exploring nature together with her family.  On a recent outing, a frog in a ditch delighted everyone.

Amy is a survivor.  She leads with grit and faith. Having faced her own mental health challenges in her teenage years, Amy has a profound appreciation for all good things in her life.  Insightful and caring, Amy is a passionate advocate for suicide prevention.  She is also a person of great integrity and dedication.  This shines through in her regular routine of running and weightlifting.  Recently, Amy completed her MBA at night while working full-time and raising a young family.  No matter what, Amy always shows up and pushes herself further.

Amy is inspired by others who take risks and give each task their best effort.  She marvels at her rescue dog Benny, who, despite having endured severe abuse before, has a contagious zest for life.  Amy wishes we could all return to a state of kindness towards people, animals, and our planet. She hopes to instill a little joy in everyone.  Regardless of how impossible or long the road might seem, Amy knows it is worth holding on and keeping going.  She encourages everyone to find their inner resilience and discover their own strength.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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