Jonathon William | Fond du Lac WI Newborn Photography


Jack and Lori were just married last fall, and already they’ve got new adventures on the way! I was so excited to meet little baby Jonathon, and Lori was so sweet and welcoming when I went to their home to do the photographs.

Jack, who is a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Fond du Lac, is actually named Jonathon as well, but little baby Jonathon is not a junior. During the session baby Jonathon had a cute little-knitted hat as a gift—perfect for Daddy’s firefighter job!

This baby boy was an absolute angel during the session and certainly a beautiful subject. He had such beautiful, bright eyes! But I really loved when Mom held him close—you could just see how loved this little boy is!

Jack & Lori, thank you again for allowing me into your home and for honoring me by letting me be part of this amazing time in your lives. I hope to see you two and little Jonathon again soon!

Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0001 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0002 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0003 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0004 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0005 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0007 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0008 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0009 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0010 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0011 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0012 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0013 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0014 Fond-du-Lac-WI-newborn-photographer-Studio-L-Photography_0015