Spread Positivity By Sharing Inspiring Stories

By laura / March 31, 2020 / Comments Off on Spread Positivity By Sharing Inspiring Stories

Let’s spread positivity and share inspiring stories. We are excited to share the Illuminating Women exhibition online.  Some of you attended the opening reception and had the opportunity to view the art in both galleries at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts.  If you didn’t get a chance to see Illuminating Women or wanted to…

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Support Small Business

By laura / March 25, 2020 / Comments Off on Support Small Business

It’s more important than ever to support small business. We stock our freezer with meat from our local market, Salchert Meats.  We continue to shop local to support small business, something that has always been a priority for us.  My husband prepares grilled peppercorn tenderloin with mushroom cream sauce.  We pop the cork on a…

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Divine Spark Ignites

By laura / March 11, 2020 / Comments Off on Divine Spark Ignites

There is such a thing as a transition period in life. I know this because I’m going through one right now.  This probably doesn’t come as much surprise to those of you who know me.  Would you believe I’ve been going through this transition for the past four years? Let me explain… Each of us…

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Documentary Film Photography

By laura / March 3, 2020 / Comments Off on Documentary Film Photography

My documentary film photography portrays real life. Many of you have been asking about my photography process.  With the opening reception of Illuminating Women behind us, I reflect on my decision to document this exhibition using my Leica M6 35mm camera.  For more reasons than one, it was the perfect choice. At the very early…

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