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Embracing Failure Leads Somewhere

Embracing failure has its perks. If I said I was destined to be a portrait and wedding photographer, I’d be lying.  Although, it’s no coincidence I started this business.  Friends and family insisted I photograph them.  And, I’m grateful they did.  I have to be honest with you. Embracing failure is hard.  It’s taken me several years…

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Village Wide Rummage Sales

I don’t like going to rummage sales, nor do I like having them. As much as I tried over the years, I finally realized the truth.  As a result, I’m having one last rummage sale during the village-wide sales. Plastic totes line the attic and basement walls.  The time has come for major spring cleaning, these…

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Progress Not Perfection

Pregnant Self Portrait Laura Schneider

Progress Not Perfection, my mantra for 2017. It has been a life-changing year for me. I set a goal this year to have my new website launched by the time our third baby arrives. Well, it’s now October 25th and our baby is due TODAY! Click HERE to visit the new Studio L Photography. It’s…

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