Fond du Lac Community Visionary

Holly Brenner illuminates the Fond du Lac community.

We are sharing the Illuminating Women exhibition online so you can feel inspired. Holly Brenner is a visionary who is living a life of integrity.  She is an inspiration to all who cross her path.  Holly is illuminating...


Holly Brenner

Holly Brenner is a life-long resident of Fond du Lac.  With a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, she has been an asset to the local business world for years.  Currently, Holly serves as Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Marketing at C.D. Smith Construction.  A pioneering spirit, Holly thrives when being the first in a position and is always up for a challenge.  In person, Holly is a hoot.  Her sense of humor will brighten anyone’s day.  Holly treasures her family, her friends and her cats.

Holly is a go-getter with a vision.  She reaches her goals with hard work and determination. In every position she holds, Holly has a plan and applies herself with dedication.   Holly pays attention and is always willing to learn.  She is an excellent listener.  Holly leads with confidence and kindness.  She trusts in her own ability and integrity.  Her faith in herself empowers her to juggle her busy career and her role as a mother of three.  Her own confidence also helps her empower others.  She strives to make others believe in themselves and in their own potential.  Holly enjoys exercising regularly and feels recharged after a good run.

Holly has been giving back to the Fond du Lac community since she was a girl.  She continues to be involved in many charitable organizations in Fond du Lac.  For example, she is a founding member of Envision Greater Fond du Lac and a board member of the Fond du Lac YMCA.  In her volunteer work, Holly wishes to make a difference for her children and the community.  She is grateful to be able to raise her children in Fond du Lac.  In particular, Holly appreciates the generosity of her hometown.  Holly believes that it is crucial to be kind to everyone.  She encourages others to believe in themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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