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Marcie Schneider of Christian Parents For Kids is changing the world through kindness.  She has touched countless lives in our community and we are forever grateful for her dedication to the next generation.  We are honored to highlight Marcie in the Illuminating Women Project.


Marcie Schneider

Marcie Schneider’s love for children and their well-being is a theme that runs through every chapter of her life.  As a young woman, Marcie was on her path to become a nun.  However, her path changed when she felt called to marry Roman, a newly widowed father of seven young children.  The couple then had two more children.  As a result, Marcie lovingly raised nine children.  In addition to her own children, Marcie has cared for thousands of children in the Fond du Lac community.  Initially, Marcie had an in-home daycare.  Soon, however, Marcie needed more space to care for more children.  She opened the Christian Parents for Kids daycare center in Peebles.  When she has rare free time, Marcie enjoys spending it with her family.

Marcie leads with kindness and humility.  She always puts others first, especially children.  Marcie is a vital element in the daily routine of her daycare children.  Marcie greets each child individually and sends them on the bus to school.  She devotes many hours a day to reading and crafting with the children.  Marcie ensures that every child in her care learns and receives the attention they need.  She cooks all the meals from scratch.  Each year, Marcie ensures that each child receives a gift for Christmas so that all may experience the joy of the season.  Marcie treasures the memories of all the children whose lives she touched.

Marcie’s devotion and work ethic are inspiring.  She starts the day when most people are still sleeping and finishes long after the last child has left the center.  This is necessary to prepare for the next day.  Marcie sees the potential in all children and has faith in them.  Her greatest wish is for all children to feel loved and be cared for with attention and kindness.  Marcie hopes that we can learn to listen to our own hearts to know and do what is right.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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