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Let's spread positivity and share inspiring stories.

We are excited to share the Illuminating Women exhibition online.  Some of you attended the opening reception and had the opportunity to view the art in both galleries at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts.  If you didn't get a chance to see Illuminating Women or wanted to take the time to experience the exhibit again, now is your chance.

Each week, we will share two stories from the women highlighted in this exhibition.

Your journey through Illuminating Women begins now...

Illuminating-Women-art-exhibition-black-and-white-fine-art-film-photography-by-Studio-L-photographer-Laura-Schneider-10022 2

Women are crucial to the well-being of our community.

As wives, mothers and daughters, women provide care and nurture.  As working professionals, women use their talents to earn a living and to contribute to the economy.  We frequently view women as either caretakers or working professionals.  In reality, they are often both.  We look at their achievements in both areas side by side.  We need to honor women’s contributions in all spheres of life as equally valuable to society. 

Women make up the fabric that holds our community together.

Women use their talents and lead where they have influence.  We need to acknowledge women in their role as leaders.  They lead by breaking old barriers and setting the bar higher in all fields.  However, women also lead quietly and steadily by bringing uniquely female qualities to the table.  We showcase the many ways in which women’s leadership manifests itself.  We demonstrate that there is not a one-size-fits-all leadership style for success.

Women use their many different talents to better our community.

Despite their achievements, women’s work often remains invisible and their stories untold.  We need to document their stories to honor their contributions.  We also need to tell women’s stories to educate and inspire the next generation of women to reach even further.  We need to make women’s achievements visible because we can only be inspired by things we can see. 


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


Learn from these incredible women and their accomplishments. 

Stand a little taller, be more confident and courageous because of them.  

Be inspired by these women to encourage and support others.  

Follow their example and do what you set out to do with grace and kindness.

Lead boldly with head and heart.

Be illuminated. 


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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