I'm a small-town Wisconsin artist.

"You can't just be an artist!" They stated.

I've heard this statement all my life.  AND actually believed it.  Now I find myself asking, "Why Not?"  As a Wisconsin artist, I know I can build the business of my dreams.


Devils-Lake-State-Park-Baraboo-Wisconsin-black-and-white-fine-art-film-photography-by-Studio-L-photographer-Laura-Schneider-_ 0016

3 Questions I'm pondering as an artist:

  • Why can't I build a business around what I love?
  • Why can't I build a business around this season of life?
  • Why can't I, a small-town Wisconsin artist, make it in this 'starving artist' world?

The truth is, I can and I will.


The process won't be easy.

With a lot of hard work, anything is possible.

Saying "no" to the work that doesn't serve me and my vision for Studio L is key.  I'm keeping options open because it's easy to become blind to the obvious.  This is my journey toward finding meaningful work.  I'm not afraid of failure because failure got me here.


The details are still foggy.

I'm beginning to see more clearly as the fog continues to lift.  I like what I'm seeing.  Knowing I’m on the right path keeps me moving forward.  With no attachment to the final outcome, I'm open to wherever this adventure may lead.

This is my confession.


I invite you along on this journey of 100 Blog Posts in 100 Days.

There will be times of triumph and times of struggle, but I will show up through it all.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts along the way.  CLICK HERE to see I'm FINALLY back in the local art scene.

Thanks to Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts

Check out The Jeff Goins Blog and his book: Real Artists Don't Starve.  Jeff's insight on art business is invaluable.


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