Finding Purpose In The Pain

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Mara and I have shared many laughs over the years.  Her positivity and sense of humor will light up any room.  Mara is finding purpose during this challenging season in her life.  She is illuminating...


Mara Springborn

Mara Springborn loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor.  Her positive attitude wins people over effortlessly.  As a mother of two growing boys, Mara’s approach to life is no-nonsense and practical.  Mara loves connecting with others and bringing out the best in them.  At Mercury Marine, Mara enjoys her close relationships with her customers.  She dreams of visiting all of them across the United States.  Even as she is battling breast cancer, Mara puts others first.  This includes her family.  It also includes her favorite nurse who received an award due to Mara’s efforts.  

Mara’s recent breast cancer diagnosis led her on a new and unexpected path. Mara leads with strength and grace.  She draws courage from her faith, as she forges her way through her treatments.  She is not one to complain.  According to Mara, life goes on even after cancer.  Mara is resilient and tries to live her life as gracefully as she can.  She admits that it is challenging to juggle all her commitments while going through cancer treatments. Yet, she is determined to try her best. 

Mara believes that her path has purpose and that good will come from it.  For example, Mara has become more attune to other people’s struggles and feels empowered. This new awareness has made Mara a compassionate advocate for other cancer patients.  Her current path has rekindled her love of writing.  Mara writes about her cancer journey openly and authentically.  In her writing, Mara acknowledges brokenness and pain and transforms it into beauty and hope.   Mara wishes that people would not take life so seriously, but instead, be more forgiving with themselves and others.  She encourages others to be fully present in the moment. 


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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