Agnesian Healthcare Pathologist Nidhi Kumar

What better time than the present to illuminate our beautiful community.

Agnesian HealthCare Pathologist Nidhi Kumar lights up a room with her smile and optimism.  Nidhi is a ray of sunshine, she is illuminating...


Nidhi Kumar

In 1997, Nidhi Kumar followed her husband from India to the United States, early in her medical training.  After residency in Milwaukee, Nidhi took a job as a pathologist at the Consultants Laboratory in St. Agnes Hospital.  She currently serves as the lab’s Medical Director.   Nidhi loves working at St. Agnes and living in the Fond du Lac community.  Wisconsin, as she puts it, felt like home right away and she just knew that she had to be here.   Nidhi is passionate about her work and her family.  She is an avid supporter of various Agnesian charities, the arts at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts and Indian-American friendship at INDUS.  Nidhi energizes by making time for Body Pump classes at the YMCA regularly. 

Nidhi’s attitude is one of her greatest assets. She has a very positive outlook and will make the best of any situation. Nidhi leads with joy and dedication.   Relying on her own enthusiasm and humor, Nidhi is her lab team’s biggest supporter.  In fact, you might find her describing a very exciting uterus specimen in song format to her colleagues.  She highly values her team and feels close to them.  Nidhi enjoys connecting with others.  Nidhi believes in embracing life’s imperfections.  Her warmth and authenticity always shine through.  Nidhi gives everyone her full attention. 

Nidhi draws on the strength resting inside her.  She has faith in others and supports them.   At the lab, she makes sure to delegate and to recognize her team members for their contributions.  She is also a great cheerleader for her friends and family.  Skilled in compartmentalizing her life, Nidhi is focused and committed.  This applies to each challenging pathology specimen, each worthy cause and each person.  She adores her family and treasures time together.  Nidhi is grateful for all the love she received and tries to pass it on.   She believes that everyone can have a positive impact by sharing their talents with the community.   


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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