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What better time than the present to support local farmers.

We are sharing the Illuminating Women exhibition online so you can feel inspired.  It's important to support local farmers because they nourish our minds, bodies and souls.  Colleen Lubbert of Lubbert's Farm is doing just that.  She is illuminating...


Colleen Lubbert

Colleen Lubbert owns and operates Lubbert’s Farm on Kelly Road in Fond du Lac, not too far from Kelley’s Country Creamery.  As a farmer, Colleen values her independence and setting her own schedule.  Her farm is also a family affair; her husband and son help her make the farm a success. Colleen raises a few animals, including chickens. The eggs are delicious and have acquired quite a following in the Fond du Lac area.   Besides the animals and chickens, Colleen focuses primarily on vegetables and plants.  She sells her produce at her farm’s road-side, self service station and at several Fond du Lac area farmer’s markets.  Colleen enjoys supporting other local food producers.  Her latest collaboration is with a local beekeeper.  Colleen cherishes the personal connections with her customers.

Colleen cares deeply about the environment.  She has a passion for creating a healthy and nourishing world. Colleen leads with conviction and commitment.  There is strength and grace in her calm presence.  Years ago, she decided to grow all her produce chemical-free and has stayed true to it ever since.   Colleen’s dedication and work ethic are inspiring.  She is proud to provide the Fond du Lac community with healthy and nutritious produce.  Colleen aspires to rely solely on her farm for income. Pursuing this goal, Colleen fine tunes and expands her offerings every year.  She relishes the challenge of learning new techniques and experimenting with different crops.  The cucumber is Colleen’s favorite.

Colleen loves working with her hands and seeing what her hands create.  Feeling the sunshine on her skin makes her happy.  Deeply connected to the land, Colleen experiences global climate change on a daily basis.  Changing temperatures and rainfall patterns directly impact her farm and livelihood.  Colleen hopes that we will soon find practical solutions to tackle these challenges.  She also hopes that everyone can feel free from society’s expectations and follow their own dreams.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project



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