Lifelong Learner Mary Ann Winter

Mary Ann Winter is a lifelong learner who illuminates the Fond du Lac community.

We are sharing the Illuminating Women exhibition online so you can feel inspired.  Mary Ann's persistence and optimism is motivating all who cross her path.  Mary Ann is illuminating...


Mary Ann Winter

Mary Ann Winter grew up on a small family farm in Dotyville, Wisconsin. Throughout her life, she has forged her path, on her own terms.  Even though it was not always easy, Mary Ann worked hard and kept going, one step at a time.  On this path, Mary Ann transformed herself from shy farm girl, to school teacher, and to school administrator.  Her determination and ability to multitask served her well in achieving her goals.  Mary Ann earned her Ph.D., one class at a time, while working full-time in the Fond du lac school district and raising three children.  Mary Ann loves making memories with family and friends.

Mary Ann has always had faith in her own abilities.  She leads with confidence and positivity.  When faced with a difficult situation, she trusts her own judgment and keeps an optimistic outlook.  As a lifelong learner and educator, Mary Ann enjoys reading and broadening her horizons.  She is particularly interested in the science behind learning and teaching.  Mary Ann seeks to learn more about the autistic brain and how to help children on the autism spectrum.  Never intimidated by a challenge, Mary Ann learned skiing as an adult.  Now a skilled skier herself, she has helped many others learn how to ski as well.  In daily life, nothing seems to faze Mary Ann.  Genially practical, Mary Ann can host large impromptu dinners and change plans at the shortest of notices.

Mary Ann’s attitude towards life is wonderfully positive and contagious.  She has a great sense of humor and does not take herself too seriously.  Mary Ann leads a very active life, always making time for physical exercise.  She loves biking, hiking, walking and boating.  Mary Ann is devoted to her large extended family and also to helping many in the community.  Ever supportive of others, Mary Ann hopes that they will believe in themselves and never give up on their goals.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project



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