Park Ridge Organics Farmer Robyn Calvey

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We're sharing this exhibition online so you can feel inspired.  This week we're highlighting the owner of Park Ridge Organics, Robyn Calvey, because she is illuminating...


Robyn Calvey

Robyn Calvey owns Park Ridge Organics, an organic farm on the beautiful Niagara Escarpment overlooking Lake Winnebago.  On 15 acres of land, Robyn grows vegetables following the community supported (CSA) model.  As shareholders, customers choose different sizes of vegetable shares each year.  This approach is unique in providing people with nourishing, freshly harvested vegetables while directly supporting the farmer without middlemen. Robyn has lived on the farm’s land since she was four years old and is passionate about growing vegetables.  She appreciates fulfilling the basic need of nourishment in the community.  Robyn loves to create.  A walk among the fields with her daughter is the perfect ending to Robyn’s day.

Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, Robyn leads with vision and courage.  Robyn transformed Park Ridge Organics into a successful business.  Robyn is also an innovator willing to take on new challenges.  She successfully implemented a new online platform, called Harvey.  This new tool helped Robyn provide customizable vegetable shares and also helped reduce waste.  Robyn now teaches other farmers to use this system successfully.  She is grateful for her wonderful team at the farm. Together with them, Robyn plans to take her farm to new heights in the future.

Robyn’s perspective changed after becoming a mother.  Her focus, she says, shifted from herself to others.  She realized the impact of her own actions on the individuals around her more specifically.  The importance of healthy relationships emerged as a key insight.  Robyn strives to be her best self for her daughter and her community.  She hopes for a world full of tolerance and acceptance.  Robyn encourages others to be more confident.  She believes that everyone can reach their full potential when they trust in their own talents and capabilities.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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