Abstract Paintings By Midwest Artist

The process starts with abstract paintings.

After fifteen years, I dust off my paints and brushes.  It feels natural to paint again.  With a minimal palette, I layer and blend oil paint into abstract paintings.

Ironically, inspiration for my paintings comes from photography produced in the darkroom.  My creative process cycles through my favorite mediums, decades apart.


Once complete, I photograph the abstract paintings while changing a variety of elements.

As a result, new artwork is created.

Carefully adjusting exposure, saturation and contrast, in addition to, thinking intently about the final composition and orientation creates this abstract art.


Combining the art of photography and painting is a new approach for me.

I work in Photoshop CC on a daily basis, which guides my art in new directions.  It excites me to see my artistic vision come alive.

Through dedication and A LOT of hard work, my dreams are becoming reality.  This series portrays big ideas because I don't get along with the status quo.


Studio L is more than photography.

This platform allows me to share my creative journey with you.  Hopefully, you'll find encouragement and inspiration along the way.  What are you creating these days?  Comment below!

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