Salchert Meats Owner Katie Fuhrmann

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Memories come flooding back to me as I walk through the doors of Salchert Meats.  It seems like yesterday that I was rocking in one of their chairs enjoying the flavor of my cherry Dum-Dum.

It fills me with joy knowing that this fifth-generation business is thriving.

We were blessed with the opportunity to sit down with Katie Fuhrmann of Salchert Meats and learn her story.  Katie radiates with an entrepreneurial spirit, she is illuminating...


Katie Fuhrmann

Katie Fuhrmann has fond memories growing up on a goat farm.  Her family founded LaClare Family Creamery in Malone.  After college and exploring other job opportunities, Katie decided to get more involved in the family business. When she did, as Head Cheese-Maker, it was with impressive results.  Trailblazing ahead, Katie is the second woman to ever win the World Cheese Championship.  She is also the proud winner of the U.S. Cheese Championship.  Most recently, Katie has embarked on a new adventure and taken over Salchert Meats in St. Cloud.  Together with her husband, Katie is busy running the business and also raising three young boys.  Katie cherishes living in the Holyland and being part of its tight-knit community. 

Ever a mover-and-shaker, Katie is focused and gets to work.   She leads with optimism and discipline.  In every phase of her life, Katie has learned new skills and then applied them to reaching her goals.  For example, she has learned sales, food safety and business operation.  All of these skills have helped her reach the next milestone.  At Salchert Meats, Katie strives to continue the great traditions of this fifth-generation family business.  A doer and creator, Katie is excited to add new offerings to the store.  Drawing on her cheesemaking expertise, Katie has introduced a new cheese brat.  She hopes that the community will love the sausage just as much as she loved creating it. 

Katie takes all her roles in life very seriously and applies herself with great enthusiasm.  This is true for her business and for her family.  After having her third child, she changed her professional path to be more family-centered. At Salchert Meats, Katie feels blessed to have her boys grow up around the meat business.  She wants to expose them to all aspects of the business and plans to teach them great work ethic.  She hopes that her passion for creating great products will rub off on them.  Always a smile on her face, Katie believes in kindness and community.  She hopes to have a positive impact on the people around her and that others will do the same.  


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project

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  1. Lynn Zimmermann on May 22, 2020 at 8:55 am

    Katie is one of the most impressive people I have ever worked with. Her personality lights up the room the minute she walks in. She is a great mentor!!

    • laura on May 26, 2020 at 1:53 pm

      I agree 100%! She is an inspiration to our community.