Holy Family Director Of Operations Gail Kraig

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This week we're highlighting the Director of Parish Operations for Holy Family Catholic Community, Gail Kraig.


Gail Kraig

Originally from Milwaukee, Gail Kraig has been a long time Fond du Lac resident.  Encouraged by her parents, Gail got a college education and became a teacher. This was unusual in a time when career opportunities for young women were limited.  Gail has always trusted herself to take on new challenges. When married mothers were not encouraged to return to work, Gail did just that.   After a long career of working for the Catholic Church in many capacities, Gail now serves as the Director of Parish Operations for Holy Family Catholic Community. The largest Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is blessed to have Gail and her many talents serve the priests, parish staff and parishioners.  Gail is a visionary and leads with enthusiasm.

A self-described fixer, Gail sees the diamond in the rough when others may not.  She relishes analyzing a situation, finding solutions and then executing them.  As principal, Gail succeeded in transforming a Catholic school in Milwaukee from struggling to thriving.  Gail’s strong work ethic has helped her reach her goals.  She applies herself with practical dedication regardless of how small or how difficult a task is.  Throughout her career in service to the Catholic Church, Gail has taught, organized and fundraised with passion.

Gail enjoys helping others. This is true in her professional and her private life.  As wife and mother, Gail is very supportive of her family.  Drawing on her own experience, Gail is committed to helping her daughters maneuver the challenges of career and family.  Gail has always sought to lift up others and has been a cheerleader to students, colleagues and the Fond du Lac community.  She loves motivating others to reach their full potential.  To do so, Gail recommends having faith and focusing on one’s own actions and family.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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