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From the moment I met Dr. Brita McCullough in the delivery room, I knew she was someone special.  Her compassion and patience radiated the room as I was about to become a first-time mother.  Dr. Brita McCullough is an OB/GYN at St. Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  She is illuminating...


Brita McCullough

Born and raised in Fond du Lac, Brita McCullough always wanted to be a physician.  She has worked hard to achieve her dream.  After completing medical school and residency near Chicago, Brita is glad to be back in her hometown.  She specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and practices at St. Agnes hospital.   Brita values kindness and compassion in all her life’s roles.  She strives to give her patients the best care and serves them with great dedication.  Brita also makes the most of precious time with her daughter and husband.  In her rare free time, Brita relaxes by reading or exercising.

Brita is passionate about her calling as a physician.  She leads with dedication and kindness.  Brita appreciates the versatility in her medical specialty.  Laser focused, Brita applies her many talents in the operating room, during a delivery or during office visits.  Even on her days off, Brita often visits her patients to ensure that they are well cared for.  She treasures the personal connections with her patients.  Brita even remembers their dog’s name.

Brita is most inspired by kind people and tries to emulate them every day.  Her Catholic faith has always played a key role in her life.  Brita draws strength and calm from her faith.  Brita appreciates the spiritual side of her faith.  She also enjoys being an active member of her parish, Holy Family Church.  There, Brita devotes precious spare time to benefit the parish.  For example, she chaired the campaign to add new stained windows to the church.  Brita is also an excellent listener.  She will listen to anyone with an open mind and heart.  Brita has faith in humanity.  She hopes others will be inspired to act with kindness.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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  1. Joy Hartman on June 6, 2020 at 10:20 am

    I’m Kevin’s mother-in-law and I know most of your family! Spent many hours with Lil!
    You sound amazing and I wish you health, success and happiness 😀