Illuminating Women Announces Book Release

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I take any chance I get to visit a bookstore or the local library.  There's nothing like the texture of the pages of a real book.  For this reason, we felt called to publish this book.


Illuminating Women is a collaboration of journalism and documentary photography.

The project combines portraits of 30 inspiring women from the Fond du Lac community represented through black and white film photography and biographical narratives.

These stories will inspire all who read them.  Importantly, this art coffee-table book is the perfect way to get a daily dose of inspiration.


Why does the Illuminating Women Project matter?

With the Illuminating Women Project, we hone in on women’s achievements and success. Prior to embarking on Illuminating Women, however, Laura and I realized that women's achievements still often remain invisible.  Consequently, the mission of the project became to make women and their achievements seen.  No matter the age, gender, socioeconomic status, race, we all need inspiring female role models.   After all, as the great Marian Wright Edelman once said:  “You cannot be what you cannot see”. 

           - Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


What do the collaborators hope you will learn from the Illuminating Women Project?

We have been inspired by each one of these women, and you are invited to be equally inspired by these wonderful women who reside among us in the Fond du Lac community.  The Illuminating Women Project serves as a vehicle to encourage all women to support and learn from each other.  When dedicated women support each other and collaborate, everybody wins.  

Laura and I hope that you will learn from these incredible women and their accomplishments.  We hope that you will stand a little taller, be more confident and courageous because of these inspiring women.  Laura and I hope that the audience will be enlightened to support others with the same grace, kindness and humility.  We hope that you will lead boldly with head and heart.  Laura and I hope that you, too, will be illuminated.

 - Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project




It will leave you feeling inspired, trust me!