Artist Residency At Trout Museum of Art

The artist residency at the Trout Museum of Art is forcing me into action.

Now that I'm halfway through the artist residency, I can see how far I've come.  Not only in the last six weeks, but in the last two decades of life as an artist.


TMA's artist residency is forcing me out of my comfort zone and into action.

Because there is a deadline of May 31, 2021, I'm motivated to create as much work as possible during this short amount of time.  Ideas take time to develop and I didn't know which direction I would go, but I knew inspiration would hit at the right moment.

Continuing to do what I do best is my biggest takeaway from this artist residency thus far.  I learned to stop comparing my work to everyone else's and focus on the work I was created to do.  Visual storytelling is something I've been doing for nearly two decades, but I didn't realize it until I began to process of looking through my archives.


This idea would be only that if it weren't for the Trout Museum of Art's artist residency program.

I'm grateful for this opportunity and honored they accepted me as an emerging artist.  When you learn to believe in yourself, you'll find others who believe in you, too.

The Artist Residency Group Exhibition is scheduled to run August 26, 2022 - January 8, 2023.


The people I continue to meet on this journey are inspiring me to continue this project.

Everyone is gracious in sharing their knowledge and history of this geographical location, which I call home.  I'm passionate about learning where I came from and how I became the person I am today.  It's my hope that this final exhibition will inspire others to learn their history and become who they where born to be.



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