Kohler Waters Spa Day


A day spent at the Kohler Water Spa is a day well spent.

I schedule a day at the Kohler Waters Spa several times each year.  This particular spa day just happened to be two weeks before my due date.  There isn't a better reason to get a maternity massage.  The only reason, I guess.  This day is bittersweet for me.  It's one of the last days I'll ever feel a human kicking from the inside and outside.  It's one of the last days my profile will reveal the miracle that is within.

Practicing gratitude for this opportunity is important to remember.  I'm grateful for my three previous pregnancies AND the opportunity for one last pregnancy.  During these days, I'm practicing gratitude for this healthy pregnancy and the plans I'm given that are bigger than my own.

I won't be pregnant again, as a result, will never be getting another maternity massage,.  I will; however, return for any of the other amazing spa services the Kohler Waters Spa offers.

The customer service experience is something I'm passionate about, this five-star spa has never disappointed.

The Kohler Waters Spa is one place to always remain present.  Soak it all in, you'll never feel more calm, relaxed and at peace.  It's so good for the mind, body and soul.

These images were captured with my Leica M6. I LOVE film!  I discovered my passion for photography in the darkroom, it's a magical place.


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