Lumineers Concert At Pabst Theater

The Lumineers kick off their world tour at The Pabst Theater.

After picking up our will-call tickets, we enter the historic theater.  Phones must be locked in the provided cases, ALL recording devices are prohibited.  We head for the bar and I order the biggest can of White Claw I’ve ever seen.  After mingling in the lobby, we find our seats.  Nothing is better than catching up with old friends as we wait for The Lumineers to take the stage.  Anticipation rises as the evening moves in fast forward.

The show opens with Josh Blue, a stand-up comic from Denver, Colorado.  Josh is inspirational and grants me a new perspective of cerebral palsey.  Laughing is good for the soul.

Shortly thereafter, The Lumineers take the stage.  It's liberating to unplug once in a while.  With no screens in sight, distractions are eliminated.  I take it all in.  Recording by memory what I’m experiencing and how it makes me feel.  Real connections are made and magic happens when you’re in the moment.  The lights shine to the crowd revealing the beauty of this historic theater.  Impeccable acoustics and the synchronicity of instruments, lyrics and lights make up this unforgettable experience.  What a way to kick off The Lumineers world tour.


I'm told I have my head in the clouds from time to time.

I can tell you with certainty, this Lumineers concert is in my head and not in the cloud. Because electronic devices were prohibited, I took in the experience in a new way.  Temptation set in, but I restrained myself from writing in my journal.  I left that to the critic standing next to me.

As an artist photographer,  I can't stop visualizing the possibilities.  Today, I take this opportunity to hear like an artist and the feeling is liberating.

I set BIG goals and don’t always achieve them.  Playing the tamborine on stage with the Lumineers didn’t happen today,  but there’s still time.   This is the beginning of their world tour, after all.


The evening comes to close, I lie in bed and Life in the City rings in my head.


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