Majestic Bald Eagle Flies Overhead


Majestic bald eagle flies overhead.

I know just where to look while driving the regular route home.  Just over a mile away, I discover an eagle's nest perched high in the tree, along the river. My son has an enthusiastic knowledge of birds and he was ecstatic when I mentioned to him that there's a bald eagle's nest SO close to home.


But there's more to these majestic bald eagle photographs.

I know these are not spectacular photographs of bald eagles, but to me, there's a meaning behind them.  This majestic bald eagle flies overhead.  Slowly, I brake and bring my car to a halt.  Gazing through my moonroof, there it is.  I reach over to grab my camera, which I vowed to carry with me more often.  This is the exact reason why.  These bald eagle photographs are taken through my moonroof.  So, could they be better? YES! But, more importantly, do I love them?  DEFINITELY!


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