Optimism Produces Positive Results

It's all in the perspective, optimism is key.

Almost always, my glass is half full.  It's nearly impossible to be happy and positive ALL the time, but I try my best.  During this trying season of life, I turn to gratitude to get me through my days.  I'm grateful for the chaos that is life.  Even though it's often SO hard.  In the midst of all of it, my family continues to support me.  They support the uncertain path before me.

With one day remaining in The 100 Day Project, answers have yet to be revealed.  Optimism is key.  I trust wholeheartedly that amazing things lie ahead...


Pregnant Self Portrait Laura Schneider

I invite you along on this journey of 100 Blog Posts in 100 Days

There will be times of triumph and times of struggle, but I will show up through it all.  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts along the way.  COMMENT BELOW!


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