Steven & Carla's Wilderness Resort Wedding


On September 27, 2014, Steven and Carla were married with a ceremony and reception at The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI. It was the perfect Wilderness Resort Wedding.

 Carla is a mental health counselor working with kids and families providing in-home therapy in Madison. Steve is a production engineer for a plastics thermoforming company in Cross Plains, WI, and in January, he will become the manager for their plant in North Carolina. He is also a Warrant Officer with the Army Reserves and has served for 15.5 years. I really appreciate the work that they both do, especially as they both have careers that help others.

They have a really cute engagement story. I’ll let Carla tell it in her own words:

“Our proposal story is very anti-climatic, but very fitting for us. We had recently been ring shopping, and I had already picked out my ring. I knew it was coming very soon, because Steve had found out earlier in the month that he was going to be deployed in the spring, but he still wanted it to be a little bit of a surprise. We were driving up to Wausau to spend Christmas with Steve’s family, and Steve started telling me how pretty my ring was and that it looks really good. Being the smart*ss that I am, I responded with “I know it is; I picked it out.” He again started talking about how nice it is, and I told him that it would look much better once it is on my finger (not really understanding why we were talking about this). Steve told me to go in his suitcase and look for it. At this point, I was confused because I thought he wasn’t able to pick it up until after the new year, but he had finagled it so he was able to get it early. He kept prompting me to “just look” at it but saying he was still going to wait to give it to me and so I stubbornly refused, saying I don’t want to look at it until I get to keep it on my finger. After multiple requests for me to look at it, I did, and once I had it out, he asked me. Of course I said yes—and it’s about damn time!”

I spent the morning with Carla when she was getting ready. Carla has 2 sisters, one of whom was stationed in Kuwait and was unable to attend the wedding, but with the help of Carla’s other sister, they were able to FaceTime and share some of the special moments during the day. Her sister also wrote a letter, and I love the emotional images of Carla reading that letter. It brought everyone to tears. I also loved the special moments between the bride and her father; he has a special bond with all of his daughters, and it showed all day long.

The ceremony was sweet and very heartfelt. I love the images that we captured of Carla and Steven alone after the ceremony outside against the beautiful, natural backdrop. All they could see was each other!

Steve & Carla, the two of you are truly special individuals who make a difference in this world. May life bring you all the joy you deserve! Our most sincere appreciation for choosing Studio L Photography to capture your love for each other and the bond you share with those you love.

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Venue: The Wilderness Resort
Florist: Wild Apples, Baraboo WI
DJ: Jukebox Bandstand, Madison
Pre-Ceremony Photos: River Walk Pub
Dress: Marah’s Elegant Bridal in Mt. Horeb, WI
Rings: The Diamond Center, Madison, WI
Purse: The bride’s grandmother
Bridal Jewelry: Marah’s Elegant Bridal