Switzerland clouds black and white fine art photography

Switzerland Fine Art Photography

Switzerland clouds black and white fine art photography

Clouds of Switzerland Fine Art Photography

The mystical clouds in the Switzerland sky inspired this fine art.  The sun is always there, but sometimes it's hidden by the clouds.  The clouds start to break away and reveal the sun.

Just as life gives us opportunities that we don't always see.  There's a break from the chaos, which reveals the potential.  Take action or the overcast skies will return.

Behind the cloud the sun is still shining.  - Abraham Lincoln

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts chose this fine art Giclée for the Fond du Lac Visual Artists membership exhibition.  Clouds of Switzerland will be displayed July 19 through September 1, 2018.  I'm excited to be back in the local art scene.  I'm so fortunate for this opportunity to be working with Thelma.

I invite you along on this journey of 100 blog posts in 100 days.

There will be times of triumph and times of struggle, but I'll show up through it all.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts throughout this journey.  CLICK HERE to check out the progress I've made prior to this 100 Day Project.


I was first introduced to the 100 Day project by Elle Luna.  I'm a podcast junkie!  I came across Elle Luna on Design Matters with Debbie Millman and Chase Jarvis: Photographer, Artist, Entrepreneur.  Both which are fantastic for all creative types.

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