The Importance of having an Engagement Session


Your wedding day photos capture that one moment in time when all the careful planning and crazy anticipation finally come together. But engagement photos are all about everything leading up to that big moment, and that’s why we love engagement sessions so much!

Having an engagement session is such a great way to prepare for your wedding day. These sessions can be so much more than just a way to capture one step on your march down the aisle. In fact, we’ve found that an engagement session is such an incredibly important way to determine if your wedding photographer is going to be the right one for you. Through your engagement session, you and your photographer get a chance to learn about each other and discover your working styles. When you have that connection, you can be sure to have a smooth wedding day with no surprises. You’ll be in sync before the big day!

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The other thing we really love about engagement sessions is that they’re an opportunity to truly document who you are as a couple. At the wedding, you’re going to be all dressed up and your mind is going to be on a thousand different things. But, engagement sessions are generally much more chill. You can wear whatever you want, be some place that really represents who you are, and concentrate on each other! These sessions are timeless keepsakes that capture you and your chosen┬átogether in the moment.

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Contact us to document your Wisconsin wedding & engagement! We can’t wait to learn more about your story!