The Waidelich Family | Wisconsin Family Photographer


Last November, I met with Jacob and Tammy and their 3 sons—Noah (oldest), Finn (middle), and Evan (3 months old). They invited me into their home to be their Wisconsin family photographer and capture this time in their life. They went out of their way to make me feel so welcome.

This family is certainly a special one. They were so natural during the session, and I could tell they truly enjoyed the family time together. It’s so easy to photograph families when the smiles come so easily.

They are a busy household with three boys! Luckily, the two older boys absolutely adore their precious little brother. Finn loves playing with trains, hiding out in his fort with the iPod, and books. In fact, they ALL love books.

I love watching families interact and capturing this on camera. It’s my way of telling their story through my eyes. My favorite moment from this session was watching Dad when he was horsing around with his two older sons—the smiles were contagious.

Thank you, Jacob & Tammy, for choosing me to document this hectic time in your lives. I loved spending the afternoon with you!

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