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What better time than the present to illuminate one librarian from the Fond du Lac Public Library.

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My children and I love books so we visit the public library often.  We are fortunate to have these resources in the Fond du Lac community and it's our hope that you take the opportunity to enjoy them as well.  These resources are made possible because of beautiful people like Kathy Collies.  Kathy is a librarian at the Fond du Lac Public Library, she is illuminating...


Kathy Collies

Kathy Collies grew up in Mid-State Wisconsin in a farming community.  Newly married, she followed her husband to Fond du Lac for a job opportunity.   Feeling at home, she decided to stay and raise her three children here.  Kathy has been an integral part of the Fond du Lac Public Library where she has worked as a librarian for many years.  She is a dedicated volunteer at her church and has served in many capacities.  Kathy appreciates music and attends many summer concerts in Buttermilk Creek park.  She enjoys time with her extended family and proudly attends her grandchildren’s many concerts and practices.  To relax, Kathy loves crafting with fabric.

Kathy is in her element at the library, especially at the Express branch location near Festival.  Kathy obviously has a love of books.  Her favorite genre is historical fiction.  She also really cares for the patrons.  Kathy leads with attentiveness and patience.  She always tries to find out her patrons’ interests.  She then draws on her vast literary knowledge to suggest new books. Sometimes, she even surprises them by putting great finds on hold for them.  Through books, Kathy seeks to broaden her patrons’ horizons and expose them to new ideas and perspectives.

Inspired by fellow librarians, Kathy has crafted her own unique style of serving the library patrons.  In particular, Kathy is skilled at making every person feel seen and appreciated.  She listens to every patron and is genuinely interested in learning about their reading experiences.  Community and a sense of belonging are important to Kathy.  This is true at the library, but also in her family, and at Hope Lutheran Church.  Kathy loves to see the world and hopes to travel more in the future.  She encourages others to have faith in themselves and follow their dreams without fear.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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