Ziggy Attias Artist Residency Founder

I'm passionate about building community through storytelling.

Connections emerge each time I sit down to listen and share someone's story. Storytelling through photography and the written word fulfills my lifelong desire to create work that matters.  Ziggy Attias is the founder of the Chateau Orquevaux artist residency; therefore, I had the privilege of hearing his story while in France.

Meet Ziggy Attias...


Ziggy Attias was born of Moroccan and Israeli descent.

He was an angry kid with a complicated relationship with his father.  Importantly, he hangs onto the good memories and the lessons his father taught him.  Ziggy Attias’ father showed him how to be en entrepreneur and taught him good work ethic.  “You stand on the shoulders of those who influence you most,” Ziggy declared.


Ziggy transformed his life when he discovered his creativity.

In his early twenties, Ziggy’s life changed forever after he mustered up the courage to ask one simple question “Can you teach me how to do that?”  Ziggy Attias began living in a positive place once he expended his negative energy through making things.  First, he became a jewelry maker then a filmmaker.

Endless ideas sprouted for Ziggy as he continued to express himself through art.


Attias understands the importance of building off an idea, which will eventually lead to the next.

“First, you fix the leak. Then you paint the wall.  Next, you add the antlers and the chairs,” Ziggy explains.  Planting one tree leads to planting another.  Our ideas need growth and nourishment much like trees.  Continuous small actions result in something big.  “When you have ideas, you must execute them; otherwise, they’re just ideas,” he states.  This is how Ziggy chooses to build his palette.


He sacrificed everything when he took over the chateau.

Ziggy moved to a foreign country where he didn’t speak the native language.  He entered the true unknown prior to building the artist residency.  People call Ziggy lucky, but let’s define luck.

Ziggy Attias strives to build a beautiful place which inspires not only himself, but the artists who attend the Chateau Orquevaux residency.  He continues to improve the experience because he wants the best possible place for artists to create work that inspires them.  Attias is building true community by empowering artists.  In addition, Ziggy wants to leave a legacy by doing something meaningful while living a creative life.

“Each artist interprets Orquevaux differently and it’s portrayed in their work,” Ziggy explains.


Ziggy Attias is proud of the way he lived his life on his own terms.

He took responsibility for his choices whether they were good or bad.  Attias found himself gambling on creative endeavors, some worked and some did not.  The unknown is scary, but when you’re working toward a goal, it becomes exciting and worth all the effort.  “Life doesn’t matter if you’re not happy,” he declares.  Ziggy feels a sense of contentment because he’s finding that which he has been chasing his entire life, even though he wasn’t previously aware of it.


Now in his mid-50s, Ziggy has the space to be authentic.

“When people except you for who you are, it encourages you to become a better version of yourself,” he says with a smile.  As a result, we are allowed the freedom to find what inspires us.  He loves the slower pace of France and learned to truly appreciate the baguette.  He’s confident the simpler lifestyle bought him decades of fulfilling life.  Ziggy Attias knows from experience that when one door closes another one opens. 

Let's remind ourselves that things don’t have to be perfect.  Instead, let's strive to do our very best in all that we do.



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