Abandoned Arizona Photography


We're off to Supai, Arizona.  Or should I say abandoned Arizona?

I pull out the map from the glove box and open it with excitement.  We're traveling from Kingman heading east on the open road of Route 66.  “Take a left, we’ll reach Supai in 64 miles,” I say.

We drive for miles, thinking our final destination for the evening is Supai, Arizona.  We reach the end of the canyon after driving those 64 miles.  WHAT?  How can this be?  Abandoned Arizona surrounds me.


It’s deserted and there's not a sole in sight.

At the edge of the canyon, I'm surrounded by nothing but a big RV, a couple vehicles and an outhouse.  Abandoned Arizona is creepy and desolate.  With dusk quickly approaching, we have no option but to drive back the 64 miles where we originally came from.

We're running on E; therefore, we’ll be lucky to make it to a gas station before running out of gas.  Anxiety builds and silence fills our car.  Stranded in abandoned Arizona is not how I planned to spend this vacation.  This is our first vacation together and quite possibly our last.


My husband told me he was going to get me map reading lessons instead of a spa day for my birthday.

I’m slightly offended by this, but it’s true.  Certain details should never be overlooked on a map.  After researching what was suppose to be our stay in Supai, Arizona, I find out an 8 mile hike is required from the edge of the canyon.  Riding a donkey or flying in by helicopter were two other options.  It's too late to find this out today because we aren't prepared for the hike.



In the distance, we see lights on Route 66.

There is life and a little bit of hope!  Running on fumes, we successfully make it to the gas station.  We sigh in relief!

As it turns out, discovering abandoned Arizona created some of the best memories.  The unpredictable and unplanned moments create unique, personal experiences.  I wouldn't want it any other way.


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