Fond du Lac Native Amy Charneski

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I first met Amy Charneski while she was an aid at Saint Mary's Springs Academy.  She was the teacher's assistant in my son's kindergarten class.  Amy's smile lit up the classroom and she loved the students as her own.  Her kind heart is illuminating...


Amy Charneski

Amy Charneski has spent most of her life in Fond du Lac.  Throughout her professional life, Amy has worn many hats and relied on her many talents.  For years, she enjoyed working with children in area schools in various positions.  She currently treasures being her own boss.  In this capacity, she manages several rental properties.  She is also busy painting, plastering and carpeting.  Amy is devoted to caring for others.  This includes her family and anyone else lucky enough to be around her.  To recharge, Amy kayaks in local rivers and lakes.  

Amy wears her heart on her sleeve and that is beautiful.  Her aunt inspired her to be kind towards everyone, regardless of their background.  Amy takes this calling seriously.  She trusts in her own intuition and acts when it feels right.  Sometimes, she takes the first step even though it terrifies her.  Amy leads with love and vulnerability.  She is open to others and attentive to their needs.  Amy cherishes helping other people, often without taking any credit.  Amy believes that doing small things for others is essential to a life well lived.   

Amy enjoys being present in the moment.  She has a soft spot for silly string.  She recalls hilarious silly string fights with her family, traces of which might still be somewhere in her house.   Amy chuckles at such precious memories.  She is looking forward to making more memories in the future.  Overall, Amy values patience, towards herself and others.  Amy believes that empathy and kindness are crucial to creating a better world.  She encourages everyone to explore different perspectives and cultures to enrich their lives.


 - Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project


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