Medieval Paris Creates New Beginning

Medieval Paris creates a new beginning for me.

Studio L Photography was founded in 2007, but in reality, it was born in the magic of the darkroom.  That's where I discovered the artist in me, amid the developing trays and finished photographs hung to dry.  While spending the first 10 years in business as a portrait and wedding photographer, I was also simultaneously building a catalogue of two decades worth of fine art photography.

After 11 years in business, 2018 was a season of change for Studio L.  I realized that there was so much more I was called to do as an artist.  Working with art enthusiasts to bring art into their homes felt like a natural progression towards what I’ve been secretly dreaming of for years.


I was out of the art scene for nearly a decade, but that is changing.

When I took the time to sit in silence, I found that all I was searching for was actually right there in front of me.   The entire time.  The answers flowed, and with it, an abundance of faith, trust and patience - in God, in the path before me, and in myself.

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts chose this archival pigment print for their third quarter spotlight.  Medieval Paris was on displayed July 10 through September 30, 2018.


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