Mexico Artist Pablo Sanchez

I'm passionate about building community through storytelling.

Connections emerge each time I sit down to listen and share someone's story. Storytelling through photography and the written word fulfills my lifelong desire to create work that matters.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mexico artist, Pablo Sanchez during our artist residency at Chateau Orquevaux in France.  After years of dreaming, Pablo is now traveling the world.

Meet Mexico artist Pablo Sanchez...


Imagine yourself running through a tropical garden with no worries in the world.

Palm and banana trees, ivy and mango surround you.  Get lost in paradise while observing the magical sunlight emerging through the leaves.

This was Pablo Sanchez’s childhood reality while growing up in Southern Mexico.  These fond memories remind Pablo that there’s no need to keep chasing happiest with material things.  All he needs is the happiness he felt in those moments.


Pablo is forever grateful for his parents who taught him to see the world in a new light.

His mother radiates joy and positivity.  Pablo’s father is a life-long learner who recognizes all the awesome things the world has to offer.  Not only is he grateful for his parents, but Pablo is also grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened to him.  Similar to his parents, Pablo is optimistic and loves to learn.

Pablo recently graduated from the University of Mexico Puebla with a degree in Industrial Engineering.  He taught himself about photography and how to play guitar.  Next he plans to travel the world while exploring his passion for photography.  Pablo’s photographs portray not only what he sees, but also the experiences he has lived.  It feels natural for Pablo to create and share.


Play is a form of practice and a way of learning.

The more we learn, the more perspective we gain on creative approaches and techniques.  “The size of the universe is only as wide as one’s knowledge.  Education can expand your universe in very amazing ways,” Pablo explains.


As a world traveler who was born and raised in Mexico, Pablo recognizes that not all people have the opportunities to see how situations are for others.

People living in the poorest conditions may be the happiest because they are happy with what they have.  Pablo gains perspective when he puts himself in other’s shoes.  He finds beauty in the small things.  Pablo is inspired by nature and landscapes, in addition to fellow artists.  People inspire Pablo.


Being Pablo doesn’t come without its challenges though.

The continuous chasing of dreams and goals is hard.  Sometimes when Pablo feels down, he reminds himself to see with eyes of the future.  With the peaks and valleys of life, we will get to the top again.  Pablo Sanchez encourages us to trust that things will change and change is coming.  Remembering how far you’ve come will help guide you into better days.  Thank God and the universe for the process and be sure to enjoy the journey.  “Life is always in movement and if it’s not, you must be dead,” he states.

Pablo Sanchez appreciates the feelings of excitement and anticipation as he dreams about what’s to come.  Importantly, he recognizes that life doesn’t always go as planned, but no matter what happens, Pablo is confident he has the strength and smarts to figure it out.


Words of Wisdom from a Mexico artist:

“We have a limited time on earth and it’s important to fulfill it with good things.  We must use our time wisely and have no regrets."

“Everyone is fighting their own battles, but it helps to realize that sometimes things aren’t that hard.” 

“I wish I never get all that I want in life because the searching gives purpose to life.” 

“Life is a mountain. Your goal is to find your path, not to reach the top.”  - Maxime Lagacé


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