MOPS Leader Karla Peterson

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From the moment I sat down with Karla Peterson, I knew I was in the company of an extraordinary person.  Our conversation is one I will hold dear forever.  From MOPS to the Charity Club, Karla illuminates our community...


Karla Peterson

Karla Peterson has spent most of her life in Fond du Lac.  She is a wonderful conversationalist and her laugh is contagious.  Karla truly cares about other people and her community and wishes to serve them.  She is very open and generous.  Karla has always wanted to be a mother and loves being married to her husband.  Her elegant style is fabulous.  However, what makes Karla truly shine is her generous heart.  She has devoted much of her time, talent and resources to helping her community.

Karla is sure that God has a plan for her.  When faced with one of life’s challenges, Karla prays and trusts in God’s wisdom.  Her faith helped her raise her two boys when her husband spent much time working abroad. Karla believes that God helped her broaden her horizons.  For example, when living in Los Angeles, California, God guided her to learn and embrace new cultures, traditions and perspectives.  Most recently, Karla has found her faith to give her both strength and courage to overcome breast cancer.

Even though she is too humble to admit it, Karla has been a role model to many women.  Karla leads with class and grace.   She is passionate about making women feel accepted and loved.  Karla has led her church’s women’s ministry, planning retreats for thousands of women.  In Charity Club, Karla enjoys collaborating with other women to help improve children’s lives in the community. She also relishes teaching other members about the organization, its traditions and its mission.  As a leading member of MOPS (mothers of preschool children), Karla serves as a mentor to many young mothers in the Fond du Lac community.  Karla encourages others to worry less and to live life one day at a time.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project



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