Agnesian Cancer Center Radiation Therapist

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Ellie Baldus is a radiation therapist at Agnesian Cancer Center and she is illuminating.


Ellie Baldus

Ellie Baldus grew up in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  She lives in Kewaskum but spends most of her time working as a radiation therapist at the Agnesian Cancer Center in Fond du Lac.  Ellies blesses every cancer patient with love and kindness.  Her dedication for her cancer patients even extends beyond her working hours.  She volunteers and takes vacation days to organize Relay for Life, an important community event to benefit and celebrate cancer survivors.  Ellie works very hard.  She is often the first to arrive and the last one to leave the Cancer Center.  Ellie is grateful for her supportive husband, Tony.  

Ellie leads with love and compassion.  Her hugs are the best in the world.  Ellie cares for others, more than she does for herself.  She is completely selfless.  Ellie is devoted to giving them her full attention.  Ellie thrives in a faith-based health care system.  Her faith is key to her calling.  Ellie believes that God called her to serve at the Cancer Center.  She prays during her daily commute and is grateful for God’s support.  Ellie gets energized by running very fast on the treadmill.  Ellie is always up for a good laugh and is ready to tell a great joke, or two.  

Ellie is dedicated and attentive.  She is creative and artistic.  One year, Ellie raised funds for cancer patients dressed up as Cupid and delivered Valentine’s greetings.  Ellie also organized the “Walking Taco” fundraiser.  In her spare time, Ellie plays the flute and enjoys singing. She writes the most thoughtful cards and is sure to remember everyone’s birthday and anniversary.  She hopes that we will relearn to take responsibility for one another and care for one another with kindness.  Ellie would love for everyone to let their true selves shine through without fear. 


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project



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