Decorating Den Decorator Sally Herre

Sally Herre of Decorating Den Interiors possesses a can-do attitude.

She is a lifelong learner who teaches us about the importance of serving our local community.  Sally is radiant and illuminating...


Sally Herre

Sally Herre grew up in Fond du Lac and loves living here. In addition to Fond du Lac, Sally has made a home for her husband Tom and their three daughters wherever Tom’s military career took them. Having lived in many different places around the country and the globe, Sally is a true citizen of the world. She is open to new experiences and enjoys learning about other cultures. Sally cares deeply about other people and gives them the gift of her undivided attention. Her smile is radiant, and she shares it freely. Another beautiful quality of Sally is her generosity. Over the years, Sally has given much of her time, talent and resources to support her community.

Sally possesses a can-do attitude. She is very resilient and handles challenges with grace. Sally is patient and thoughtful. Her resourcefulness is Sally’s biggest asset and guided her through twenty moves during her husband’s military career. As owner of Decorating Den Interiors LLC, Sally is also an accomplished entrepreneur. She relishes the relationships she has formed with her clients and has decorated thousands of homes since starting her business.

Even though she is too humble to admit it, Sally has been an inspiration to many. Sally leads with positivity and kindness. She has spent many years volunteering in her community. In Charity Club, Sally collaborated with other Fond du Lac women to help improve families’ lives. As a board member of the Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund, Sally advocated for women and girls with great dedication. Sally is grateful for her life and all its exciting adventures. Guided by her characteristic optimism, Sally hopes for a world marked by unity and compassion. Sally encourages everyone to invest in themselves and advocates lifelong learning.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project



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