Go ahead and judge me for allowing my preschooler to watch more than the recommended screen time.

Trying to rid the head lice on a strong-willed three-year-old isn’t easy.  As a result, I allow her to watch shows on my iPad.  Let’s face it, sitting still for hours as I wash, rinse, rewash, rinse and comb through her hair sucks.  When the process is complete, I reward her with the movie Coco.  Grant me the mom-of-the-year award, I dare you.


This is not how I dreamt of spending my Sunday and Monday.

Scrubbing and disinfecting the bathroom until midnight.  Multiple showers with special shampoo isn’t fun.  Nobody wants to think about head lice.  But let’s be honest, it CAN happen to anyone.


Plans of painting and creating social media content didn’t pan out.

Instead, I’m cleaning, A LOT.  Because it makes for a real-life blog post, I feel somewhat accomplished.  Today’s blog post was supposed to be about travel photography and the art world, instead, it’s about head lice.  GROSS!

The more I plan in life, the more I fall short.  My goal for today, accept what is.  

Believe me, I did everything I can do to rid the pests.  Maybe she didn’t even have it, but I’m not taking any chances.  As for my daughter, she didn't mind.  Excessive screen time doesn't come often in our home.

In closing, I write and scratch my head.  Paranoia is a bitch.


I don't believe in excessively entertaining children.  Creativity comes alive during boredom, CLICK TO READ...


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