Mechanical Engineer

We are excited to bring you the virtual Ahern Illuminating Women exhibition.

We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting mechanical engineer Jordan Quackenboss.  Jordan reminds us that not everything in life is a competition and she recommends not being too hard on oneself.

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Mechanical Engineer Jordan Quackenboss

Jordan Quackenboss is originally from Fond du Lac but now lives in Pleasant Springs, Wisconsin.  She works at the Madison office where she
was recently promoted to project manager.  A mechanical engineer by training, Jordan was always interested in understanding how things work.  Together with her boyfriend, she is a proud homeowner and loves renovating the house.  Recent accomplishments were the house's patio and bathroom.  To unwind and relax, Jordan embraces her creative side by making stained window and yarn art.

Jordan leads with competence and empathy.  When others don't expect her to be the one in charge, she takes it in strides.  Jordan let's her skills and actions do the talking.  Her big, beautiful heart is her greatest strength.  In any situation, Jordan applies her emotional intelligence generously and helps everyone communicate better.  Her team is fortunate to have her.  Jordan is also a great asset to her volleyball team of friends with whom she plays year-round.

Jordan is thoughtful and pays attention to others.  She is inspired by everyone around her and seeks to learn something from them.  For example, Jordan has learned that not everything in life is a competition.  Jordan also really appreciates when others are kind and supportive.  She wishes that people were less angry and learned to deal with life's stresses in a positive manner.  Jordan recommends not being too hard on oneself and focusing on building a happy life instead.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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