Visionary Alicia Foster

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Visionary Alicia Foster Cultivates a Growth Mindset

Alicia Foster grew up in the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin area with her mom and three sisters.  She is one of Ahern’s assistant purchasing managers. When she was younger, it was her dream to work in landscaping like her dad.  In high school, however, Alicia joined the military reserves and served as a plumber.  Alicia feels like she has come full circle working for Ahern in Fond du Lac.  Alicia and her husband are busy raising four children.  Together with her family, she often sets up an airsoft field by their house and hilarity ensues.

Alicia leads with confidence and dedication.  A visionary since childhood, she sets her mind to a task and then finds a way to achieve it.  During her military time, this included jumping out of airplanes and helicopters.  More recently, Alicia has discovered weightlifting and loves feeling strong. She works out diligently every day, with a detailed plan towards being better and stronger than yesterday.  Always encouraging, Alicia often invites colleagues to join her in the gym.  She wants them to discover the beauty of feeling strong in body and mind.

Alicia takes inspiration from others who overcame incredible hardships.  When she finds herself in a challenging situation, she puts it all into perspective and, with faith in her own capabilities, works towards a solution.  Alicia looks forward to more RV travel across the United States to experience all the national parks.  Alicia wishes that everyone was more open-minded and attentive to others.  She recommends changing one’s mindset for best results.  Instead of believing something is impossible, one should envision it as possible and then take the first step towards the goal.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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