Voracious Reader Julianna Dahlinger

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We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting Julianna Dahlinger, a business systems analyst in Ahern's IT department.

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Voracious Reader Julianna Dahlinger

Julianna Dahlinger is a business systems analyst in Ahern's IT department in Fond du Lac.  Born and raised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Julie wanted to try something new and moved to California after high school. She enjoyed living there for a few years but returned after realizing that Wisconsin was her home.  Julie is attentive to others and strives to give them her undivided attention. She has been a voracious reader ever since discovering the Harry Potter books as a young girl.  When she is not spending time with her husband and three-year-old daughter, you might catch her relaxing with a book or on a snowmobile.

Julie leads with empathy and dedication.  She thrives collaborating with others and solving problems together. Julie has a knack for paying attention to the details and for asking just the right questions.  She always tries to learn new things and is not afraid to try something that intimidates her.  For example, she is currently learning how to use power tools and work on building projects in her home. Most recently, Julie tried woodworking and is proud to have collaborated with her husband on a deck.

Hard-working individuals such as her mother and sisters inspire Julie.  The success of others energizes Julie and help her be her best.  Julie cherishes being a mother and hopes to raise a strong and confident daughter.  She wants her daughter to pursue her goals, even if they seem scary at first.  Julie dreams of a world shaped by respect and kindness.  She encourages others to take a leap of faith and reach for their dreams.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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