Women In Construction

We are excited to bring you the virtual Ahern Illuminating Women exhibition.

We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting Women In Construction collaborator Erika Mathias. Erika works as a service operations manager at Ahern's Madison office.

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Women In Construction Collaborator Erika Mathias

Originally from upstate New York, Erika Mathias is a service operations manager and works at Ahern's Madison office.  She leads a team of six women who help her link Ahern's field and sales operations.  Erika particularly enjoys collaborating with other women company-wide through the Women in Construction initiative and loves shining a light on their contributions to Ahern's success.  Erika has raised a son and a daughter and is excited for their future.  In person, Erika is kind and thoughtful.  She enjoys making memories with friends and family.

Erika leads with calm and confidence.  She is not easily frazzled and keeps a cool head by focusing on the big picture.  Erika trusts in her own judgment and optimistically makes the best out of any situation.  For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Erika utilized many virtual meetings to encourage her colleagues and forge new and stronger relationships throughout the company.  Erika loves supporting others, seeing them grow and flourish.  Her emphasis on community also shines through when she hosts large multi-generational cookouts at her house.

Strong women, such as her mother, inspire Erika.  She hopes to see more women in leadership positions in the future.  Erika is excited about her new home and can't wait to enjoy the property on ATVs with her boyfriend.  Erika loves exploring in Wisconsin and beyond.  She looks forward to doing more traveling in the coming years.  Erika relishes every challenge as an opportunity for growth and encourages others to do the same, even when they are out of their comfort zone.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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