Creativity Illuminates Annette Kilian

We are excited to bring you the virtual Ahern Illuminating Women exhibition.

We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting Annette Kilian who works as a drafting manager at Ahern in Fond du Lac.  Annette's creativity strengthens both her designs and artwork.

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Creativity Illuminates Annette Kilian

Annette Kilian grew up in Fond du Lac and for her Wisconsin is home.  She studied architectural construction and was recently promoted to drafting manager at Ahern in Fond du Lac.  Annette especially likes the designing and constructing aspect of her daily work.  She appreciates collaborating with her team and tackling challenges together.  Inspired by her mother, Annette is a hard worker but does not seek the spotlight. One of Annette's many strengths is her creativity that illuminates her design and artwork.  She recharges when painting or drawing, especially with acrylic paint.  Recently, she designed and painted art for her husband.  Annette can't wait to introduce her young daughter to the world of art.

Annette leads with dedication and kindness.  She admires people who pursue and achieve their goals.  Annette inspires others by working steadily towards her goal of being fulfilled in all aspects of her life.  She always seeks to help others.  Coworkers and friends know that they can count on her.  Annette loves learning more about other cultures and their unique characteristics.  Past trips to Japan and England were memorable experiences for her.  Her next destination will be France.  Annette hopes to broaden her daughter's horizons on future trips, too.

Annette is open to learning new things about life and herself.  She relishes facing challenges and mastering them.  Annette recently embraced leaning more into her leadership role and has found it very rewarding.  She is excited for new growth opportunities for herself in the future.  Others are important to her, and she wants them to thrive.  Annette wishes everyone would choose to help others and have a more positive outlook.  She encourages others to take small steps towards their goals and to not let anything hold them back.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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