Quad Cities Resident Nicole Moreno

We are excited to bring you the virtual Ahern Illuminating Women exhibition.

We're sharing this illuminating project online so you can feel inspired.  Today we're highlighting Quad Cities resident Nicole Moreno.  Nicole works as an Assistant Project Manager at Ahern Fire Protection in Davenport, lowa.

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Quad Cities Resident Nicole Moreno

Nicole Moreno grew up in low and Illinois, and now calls the Quad Cities area home with her husband of 21 years.  Nicole works as an Assistant Project Manager at Ahern Fire Protection in Davenport, lowa.  Always seeking to expand her knowledge, Nicole has worked in operations, sales, and design.  She has a knack for numbers and is a team player.  Everyone is fortunate to have her rooting for them.  Nicole is dedicated to making things better for others.  Outside of work, she is a hardworking volunteer at school and sports events for her two teenage children.  She enjoys watching ball games with her family.

Nicole leads with vision and dedication.  She looks towards the big picture and then masters the project at hand with positivity.  This has been her style since her school days when she was basketball team captain.  Here she learned to work hard and to encourage others to follow her example.  A natural peacekeeper, Nicole shines helping others connect and achieve their goals.  She believes that everyone should know their value.

Nicole has learned from her parents to believe in herself and not to give up.  This attitude has empowered Nicole to take charge of her life.  She is inspired by people who help others and work together as a team.  She wants her children to grow up strong and kind. Nicole wishes people would lift others up and keep a positive outlook.  She encourages everyone to give a little extra to achieve their goals and to believe in themselves.


- Written by Juliane Troicki of Illuminating Project LLC


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